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Hotel la Croix d’or, 1967

At the beginning of the XIX century, the castle was used as a private property as well as an inn. Around 1878, the communal parliament stored the archives in the dungeon under the stairs and in 1880 they moved the archives into the renovated tower where they would then keep the municipal archives.

During the XIX and XX century, the building was repaired and underwent many restorations and transformations, however, in the worry of keeping the architectural value of the castle characterised by the towering stairs and the elegant architecture of the roof.

Between September 2017 and April 2019 the commune completely renovated this building. L’Auberge de la Croix d’Or offers today an exceptional alliance between tradition and modernity.

Bistro side

The History of La Croix d’Or

This little village in the Jura Vaudois, Ballaigues is located on the main road that joins Italy and France, the same road that was used in the roman times.

The construction date of the castle is unknown, but it is said to be somewhere between the XVI and the XVII century. A member of the Asperlin family, who was knighted of Ballaigues in the XVI century was probably the commander of the construction. However, we know that Louise-Emilie de Gingins sold the castle, which was already being used as an inn, to the commune in 1788. Originally the castle was a private residence that has been renovated over the years to adapt into a hotel.

Taittinger International Award 2007

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Tradition & Modernity…

Damien Lanza & David Sauvignet, Chiefs

The masters of the place

Chiefs Damien Lanza and David Sauvignet are looking forward to seeing you.

Chef Damien Lanza

Chef David Sauvignet

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